April 29, 2011

"They raped me with their hands": Lara

Big Tamasha is not talking of Lara Dutta, whose movie "Chalo Dilli" is incidently releasing today.

Though she could as well be the target of that hands-on experience of sex he is going to talk about.

Just because she like any other dare-devil hotties of Bollywood today simply invites it.

Didn't wise say, "None is a thief but don't tempt nature?"

None is a raper either but don't tempt nature...

But our other Lara of today simply found herself in the midst of all nature tempted... tempted may be not of sexual kind but even worse...revenge kind.

She is Lara Logan, CBS news correspondent who was recently "tortured" by Egyptian crowds at Cairo during the aftermath of Hosni Mubarak's fall.

Interestingly simultaneously as Big Tamasha was reading her account at huffingtonpost an other newspaper, perhaps Economist was running a newsline, "How the Egyptians see us."

Big Tamasha thought the answer was being given by Lara Logan: "They want to rip or rape us to death may be with their hands..."

Though her own exact words were, "They raped me with their hands"

Sorry Lara Logan for your predicament but then don't tempt nature by going at such places under present emotionally frenzied conditions.

PS (June 29, 2012): The same stands for would-be-journalist Natasha Smith of UK, who was given a similar treatment yesterday.

PS(July, 2013) Reports of sexual assaults by men are coming thick and fast from Tehrir where an other protest is going on in these days, this time against President Morsi himself.! Wish people had learnt some safety measures from the above incidents!

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