June 23, 2011

Maid for each other?

This curious case of men usually in power and around 60 falling for or being felled by maids of one age or the other, of one hue or the other, on one pretext or the other has drawn Bigtamasha's attention towards them.

Some time back it involved a Presidential-hopeful of France, Mr Dominique Strauss Kahn. Then came Arnold Schwarzenegger's bombshell who even fathered a son through a maid. And now India's Consul General in New York Mr Prabhu Dayal is charged besides other things of "sexual harassment" of his own maid from India, Santosh Bhardwaj.

Bigtamasha thinks the picture does not end here and were there to be a Wikileaks of sorts on this maid-thing not many around this age will remain completely lilly-white as they say. (Assuming at the most that a thing done in thought is also a thing done in reality ;-))

Since the phenomenon is worldwide it must be having some general explanation, or explanation in terms of general growth of men besides and beyond individual personalities.

Now on this count Bigtamasha thinks that the old age is just the reverse (journey) of childhood (babyhood to youth).

And just as maids escort the growing of men from babyhood to youth, from sexual awakening to maturity in many ways in other words (remember all their teasing, tongue-twisting, touching at the 'wrong' places even though in a good-natured way?), similarly, they escort the soft landing of old men or men around 60 to their re-babyhood.

And understandably the most problems arise at transition periods.

There are many other related explanations but Bigtamasha as always has given a matrix the rest the reader can imagine on his own...

PS: Just suddenly became aware of almost similar face expressions of all the three worthies. What does this mean? That they don't know what to say and what not to?? LOL. Reading the above hope now you know.

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  1. i agree that maid should be for each other due to inherent characteristics
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