October 6, 2011

Adam, Newton, Steve and Apple

The three men will always be known in juxtaposition with an Apple: Adam, Newton and Steve Jobs.

Adam ate the forbidden Apple, got entangled into the world with it and socalled knowledge began.

Newton saw Apple falling from a tree and made the discovery of gravity, one of the four fundamental forces of nature and according to some the mother of all, which gave knowledge a special quantum jump.

In a way science began with it.

Steve Jobs founded and steered Apple and brought knowledge to our finger tips.

Bigtamasha will not be surprised if in a way it also signals the end of knowledge began with Adam. End in the sense that it all is now on your tips, you no longer have to store it in your brain/mind.

Your brain/mind is free of it!

World famous biologist and the author of celebrated book The Ascent of Man writes in it: "It seems ideas discover man rather than the other way about."

Bigtamasha agrees with it at least in some men's cases and puts Steve Jobs in one of those men. Doubtlessly Newton too was one such man and may be even Adam.

RIP Steve Jobs!
RIP Adam, Newton, Steve!!!

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  1. So may be now age of zombies is coming, brainless chaps surviving on accessories.

  2. Or may be the age of the sage or of Free Man after Cave man, Nomadic Man and Settled Man, who transcended thought/mind/ego or brought them under their control/thumb/fingertip. To be used at will.

    That Steve too was a sage of sorts I will write in my next post.

  3. Steve is no doubt part of the history now . . .
    steve jobs

  4. Steve Jobs is no doubt part of the history like anybody else but he is also part of the history where history took special bends.