November 17, 2011

Adam, Eve, Apple and Snake - Bigtamasha's commentary with a difference

The story of Genesis as played out from the birth of the species homo sapiens is also played out in the same way from our own individual births.

Whether male or a female we are not aware of each other's separate identity from birth and specially in terms of sex up to a certain tender age.

Then comes a time when a male's penis and a female's breasts begin to draw each other's attention specially when they come close to each other. Because then both begin to stir up a bit or emit some kind of unseen vibrations.

In the story of Genesis the male has been called Adam and the female Eve and, similarly, penis and breasts in symbolic terms have been called snake and apple.

It may be because in those days using these names otherwise may simply be taboo.

Vagina has not been brought into the picture because it is first a female's breasts which draw a male's attention while it is the penis in the case of male.

The word 'forbidden' from eating apple has been used to later create the contrast/story/drama around eating it. For, if it was not forbidden eating it will just be a usual event, having no story value.

Yet forbidding was nothing more than the fact that both Adam and Eve were simply not aware of their separate sexuality, that it called for doing 'something' between them, that it should be done in the form of 'eating the apple,' which is only an other name for sexual intercourse.

As the story goes, the serpent tempted Eve. It means as Adam and Eve grew old enough to be aware of each other's different sexuality, Adam's Primal Force stirred up a bit Adam's 'serpent' as soon as they came close which drew Eve notice, described as "serpent tempting Eve."

Eve simultaneously stole a look towards Adam the rest being done by her already coming to fullness breasts or 'apple.' In the picture in front she is just shown drawing attention to her breasts in the form of holding an apple from the forbidden tree in front of Adam.

The apple on the tree of knowledge of good and evil simply means now they have entered the world of duality, of separation, of ego, of mind - where good will have its dual, evil, as would right, left, male, female and so on. It is our mind which first divides the One into Two and then Many, in other words, creates the other, the duality, and the consequent knowledge of the 'other.'

To banish from the garden means to banish from One or Oneness, the source of all life, hence of immortality.

We as separate beings are within time and hence mortal. In other words with eating of apple we have been condemned to the world of separate beings, of mortality.

The banishing act can also be understood as earthly father sending the married son out of the house asking him to now be on his own or find his own work. "Obliging Adam to survive through agriculture" in the story as described in Wiki means the same thing, with "agriculture" then being the only work.

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