June 24, 2013

Demystifying Yoga - at New York's Time Square or wherever

If you know gravity or more to the point center of gravity you can know yoga in the same, simple way. The rest is all drama, marketing, business.

Only in addition to gravity you will have to know that there are three more similar basic forces as gravity and all of them have their own centers.

It should not be very difficult. The discovery of four basic forces or interactions is one of the top discoveries of science in the last century.

Anyway and like gravity all have their own centers in every system including our bodies as well.

The forces besides gravity are electromagnetic force, strong force and weak force and likewise centers approximate with our navel, heart, head and what some call spiritual heart - two digits to the right of our physical heart, where Christians make the center of their cross to add.

The forces in simple can also be called the forces of physicality/senses, attraction-repulsion/emotions, confinement/intellect-reason and freeing/intuition-intelligence.

Passing through these four forces or interactions comprises our whole life. The process gives us according four phases of childhood, youth, middle age and old age.

Because of wheels-within-wheels you can be in any sub-phase but between the over-all phases as above.

On the species scale or system the homo sapiens are the product of the third force. So that head/reason/intellect becomes their most important 'point'.

Anyway, now, when you are in the danger of falling physically what do you do? You again regain your physical center, your center of gravity as soon as possible. Either yourself or with the help of a physically strong person. You have done yoga of the first kind.

Same goes for your falling emotionally obviously most apparent in youth. You do it by coming back to your emotional center or heart. With or without the help of an emotionally strong/stable person. Here you are doing the yoga of the second kind.

Now comes the most difficult 'yoga' for human beings - when you are in the danger of falling into almost infinite thoughts, concepts, opposing ideas and so on.

Then you try to come back to your center of third force in the head. Again with or without the help of a person who is intellectually strong. Often in the process becoming a follower of an Ayn Rand, a Marx and so on.

Lastly you find your holistic bearing or center in the same way - by trying to come to the center of the fourth force, or by coming back to your spiritual heart.

In fact those who have reached this stage are not much in the danger of falling. Simply because here their 'oars' - the carriers of the force they are in, i.e., the neutrinos of the weak force - almost have infinite range.

All forces' carriers have different ranges and so make one fall easily or with difficulty.

If one wants to read the whole universal story of evolution in terms of four basic forces or interactions it is here.

PS: As physical yoga is most visible most of the yoga now is limited to physical yoga sometimes bordering on the absurd. Each successive yoga is rather more important for a happy healthy body. Though in old age physical yoga may again gain precedent comparable to others. Though by then one would rather be doing what may be called holistic yoga - going beyond all particular centers and just like a baby being one with the whole undifferentiated body and perhaps unmindful of its limits.

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  1. uncle harb, well summarized with utmost simplicity: )
    this can be can by synced into the "Summing up"

  2. Thanks Anon and Heart, both of you already know the truth of it.