July 28, 2013

Seeing Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Blogging - in historic perspective

World renowned biologist and mathematician J Bronowski (1908-1974) in his celebrated book The Ascent of Man wrote: "We feel as if the ideas discover man, rather than the other way about."

Big Tamasha thinks it is rather true.

As per Big Tamasha's own understanding based on his book Self-Designed Universe everything in the universe is interconnected in what is now called quantum-entanglements realm and the ideas, discoveries, inventions come at the right time, that is, when human beings need them the most, thanks to this realm.

Discovery of internet would not have meant anything to a cave man nor wheel could be postponed to be discovered now.

The discovery of internet and the consequent so-called Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Blogging past what Bertrand Russel calls "The Age of Reason and Anxiety" in his book A History of Western Philosophy means two things:

1. Long lost in readings, thoughts, reflections in studies, libraries and coffee houses, or in a word, in isolation, and yet unable to find satisfactory answers to his existential and related questions The Man of Reason wanted a way to come out of his unbearable isolation of the self;

2. Wanted to share and thus offload the burden of the self acquired in isolation.

Most people know of physical obesity and that it is harmful for one's health. But not many know about mental 'obesity' or that it is even more harmful for one's health or rather the overall self.

Sharing and offloading the burden of the self is man's effort to reduce his mental obesity.

No doubt exceptional men got rid of the isolation and burden of the self by writing books etc yet essentially they were the men of The Age of Reason and Anxiety.

Now when the Age itself is going beyond, exceptions need to become the rule which in practice means masses need to do the same.

While masses cannot write books though many are even doing that thanks to the unimaginable ease with which books can be written and published these days, all normally educated people can write a few words or lines to convey what is on their mind may be in piecemeal daily.

That is basically what is Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Blogging – all about or is meant to be.

If the leitmotif of The Man of Reason was “I think therefore I am” the leitmotif of the present Age is going to be “I communicate therefore I am.”

No wonder he cannot get rid of Facebook, Twitter etc these days.

There is a primary need for whatever man invents and then there are its secondary uses. All marketing benefits of Social Media come in this second category.

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  1. Yes Harb and there remains one truth through it all: "the world IS as YOU see it". Guess Internet is fulfilling its intention to let people understand how the basic reality of That what Is, is perceived in a myriad of ways and let us just focus on our own reality and live the best life we are able to ~:)~