August 25, 2013

Lord Buddha can do 'it' so can I - 'Buddha' Asa Ram

GD Birla (on left) with Mahatma Gandhi
Bapu Asa Ram says that Buddha too was blamed for 'raping' a girl*!

But to Big Tamasha blaming Buddha for raping a girl compared to Bapu Asa Ram is like blaming politician Mahatma Gandhi for corruption compared to politician Suresh Kalmadi (of CWG's fame).

Mahatma Gandhi too took money from the businessman GD Birla. But the difference lay in how and what for.

Mahatma Gandhi took money for fulfilling the financial needs of movement for India's freedom, for meeting the needs of this and that very poor, needy family and the like. But Suresh Kalmadi or even most politicians of today?

Perhaps they too give a dasvandh  (10%) for elections, for the party which supposedly serves India lol but the rest 90% is collected for becoming richie-rich and moreover, for safeguarding the future of their 21th generation!

Reminds Big Tamasha of a story his brother-in-law used to tell. There was a loot in a rich Lala's house and he was crying and beating his chest nonstop. Someone asked him, "Lala Ji, you have enough money for 20 generations why are you making so much fuss?" "That is the problem! What will become of my 21st generation!"

Big Tamasha doesn't think that Buddha was involved in any such thing for he is reported to have at first banned women even from coming to his congregations. He relented only on the advice of more worldly Ananda, his first disciple.

But even if he had - which is possible more so for nature to expel his own fear of women which in fact made him ban them, or even to complete his subtle Yin-ish incompletion - that union will be best described by what Big Tamasha has written in the following words of his post No Orgasm Better Sex?near the end:

It is also possible that then the union may only limit itself to spiritual bodies with other aspects only apparently there...Perhaps some highly evolved masters had only this kind of union with their companions.

And that difference will be as much as is there between a scantily clad Bapu Gandhi above and princely clad Bapu Asa below though the real contrast should have been between Buddha and latter Bapu but for real Buddha photos of the times!

*Just imagine Big Tamasha finds it hard to even write the word 'rape' with the name of Buddha what to talk of his actual doing something of the sort or getting blamed for it.


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