August 31, 2013

The secret of Asaram's large number of followers

Raping the minds of whole lot of them
Reading this tweet by one Rupa Subramanya

rupa subramanya ‏@RupaSubramanya
Asaram Bapu:“Every time there 's an accusation against me,my followers goes up".What does it say about his followers?

reminded Big Tamasha of a talk he had with his chief when he was in the service for a while.

The chief was the follower of a Godman, much like Bapu Asaram.

Times changed and a particular community began to target and even kill the followers because he had hurt their religious sentiments by speaking against their holy book.

Varied experiments with truth
Now juniors always have a grudge minor or major again their chiefs and sometimes they see an opportunity to take sophisticated revenge without the fear or possibility of any retribution.

Seeing his opportunity Big Tamasha who knew that the chief was trying his best to hide the fact of his followership of that particular Godman for fear of hot headed youth of the hurt community, once rubbed the chief, "Sir, I've heard you too are the follower of Baba so-and-so?"

"O shhh...what followers...we just went to his gatherings to see beautiful women who came there in droves..." said quivering chief.

Madness without ignorance of what's within
Same could be the reason an accusation particularly of the sexual kind against Asaram increases his followers.

Many more people like Big Tamasha's chief now come to know that "those things" too happen there. And they too want to partake a part of that kind of spirituality;)

After all most Indians already know, ever since that other such Godman went to win the world with his Sex to Superconsciousness thing that 'those things" too can eventually take them to God!

Increasing number of followers

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